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Medical Software for Clinics and Hospitals


Without a digitized system, an efficient clinic cannot function in this day and age. Store in one place patient records, scheduling, billing and financials, all optimized for fast searching and collaboration.

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Reduce Operational Costs

Save monthly on your budget, by cutting the cost of hiring additional employees, office space and time used in your organization.

Serve More Patients

Use the enhanced patient workflow and increased productivity, to ultimately increase the number of patients served per day.

Less Errors

Reduce invoicing and dispensing errors, by turning to the automated way of generating medical invoices and claims.

Own and Control Your Database

With your database on premise, no third party can peek and read your sensitive information, like business financial or patient records.

All the Support You Need

Our team and our regional partners will assist you in setting up and maintaining your implementation.

Flexible Payments

Save on the long term with flexible payments taylored to your organization.

Our goal is to register the patient history when the patient enters the hospital, and then record the evolution, clinical services and materials administered

Dr. Elsa ChangAdministrative manager
Hospital Privado Hermano Pedro

The program covers all aspects of the hospital management and we were able to go paperless.

Prof. Gbaranen B. GbaanadorChief Medical Director
Shawsand Medical Centre

Gives you a comprehensive image of your activity, not only from the medical aspect but also from financial and administrative aspect

Dr. Voicu SimedreaOwner
1st Medical Clinic

Start your 30-Day Free Trial

Simple and quick trial setup. Have it up and running in less than 5 minutes

Start your 30-Day Free Trial

Simple and quick trial setup. Have it up and running in less than 5 minutes

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We're here to help you

Our team and our partners will assist you with training and support, either you're upgrading or getting started with the system.

Free Setup

We'll assist you at no extra cost in implementing the system and getting started using it.

Free Migration from older versions

You'll receive our support in upgrading from older versions and training in the new features of v6.

Support As You Prefer

You can contact us via phone, email or chat. We’re here to help.

Start your 30-Day Free Trial

Simple and quick trial setup. Have it up and running in less than 5 minutes

Latest News

6.2 version

High DPI, Calendar, DICOM, ...

We added High DPI support, new Calendar Statuses and Flags, Multi row Mail Merge.

Also a new DICOM PACS system integration comes with this version.

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Major version and
DICOM integration

With added general improvements in usability, exporting and reporting. Medical records got Autocalculated fields. New features in Billing and Purchases. Major redesign of Lab\Imaging modules.

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