Multiple Calendars

Patient Manager enables you to see in the same window the calendars of multiple users. Patient appointments in the medic's calendar can be scheduled by the medic or by the secretary from another workstation.

Customizable Calendar layout

You can choose the level of zoom in which you visualize the calendar by switching between day, week and month views. The color and icon of the appointments can be change by changing the assigned category.


You can set reminders to your appointments and the program will notify you as they occur.

Recurrent Events

Periodic appointments with your patients can be scheduled once and the calendar will display and remind you of them.

Waiting Room (Checkins)

Checked-in patients can assigned to one or more medics. Medics are notified live by patient check-ins, and can choose the next one.

Waiting Room Statistics

Show, no-show and canceled statistics are computed in the background, and availed to the medics.

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