Integrated with Medical Records

Work efficiently by generating the patient bills directly from the entered medical records, from used materials or from inpatient accommodations.

Integrated with Pharmacy

You can configure the workflow of how drugs are billed and dispensed. The pharmacy module can cover point of sale, or billing of prescribed drugs, or just a limited dispensing of billed drugs.

Integrated with Lab and Imaging

Tests requested by medics can be billed seamlessly allong with other billable items.


You can issue billing documents and receive payment in foreign currencies.

Partial Invoice Payments

The system supports partial payments for your invoices, while keeping track of the clients with balance

Prepayments and Special Offers

You can receive prepayments from your clients, with the option to bill them at later occasions. Additionally you can run special offers, where you bill and receive payment ahead, and deliver the services later.

Customizable Print Layout

You billing documents and reports can be branded with your logo. For example, you can customize the default invoice template with your colors, fonts and notes.

Medic Income Percentages

You can configure how the incomes from the medical services will be split between the medics and the company, and generate monthly reports per medic.

Bills of Materials (BoM)

For services which consume materials, the used materials be removed from stock automatically. The generated billing document will not have referece to these consumables.

Insurance Claims

Copayers like insurances are supported. Define the coverages in complex copayer plans, from which ready calculated invoices are built. Online eligibility and coverage servers can be integrated upon request.

Claims Custom Fields

As the fields of the claims differ from one insurance to another, upon request custom claim fields can be added.

Billing Reports

The system provides you with balance sheets, medic billed income report, copayer reports, costs and profits reports, sold items, and other.

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