HL7, XML Standards

The default implemented standard is HL7. If you require custom flavors or other standards, contact our support team.

Multiple Channels and Data Providers

A channel is the means of transferring clinical and administrative data. A Data Provider groups together related channels , and also store additional information common to those channels

Automatic Conversion to Records

The channels can be configured to automatically convert what they receive to database records. For example a received images can be converted to Patient Document and attached to the patient.

Inbox and Notifications

The received messages are available in the common Inbox accessible to all users with permissions. Notifications can be configured to send to certain users and groups.

Human Readable Preview

Our system parses the cryptic HL7 data, and displays it in a form which you can read. HL7 attachments, like PDFs or images are displayed in the message preview.

Simple Sending

The sending of messages is as simple as sending and internal message, by selecting a record and put it into an outgoing channel.

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