Ribbon tabs

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The Patient Manager's ribbon tabs are located at the top of the main window and provide all the features available within Patient Manager in a categorized fashion. The ribbon tabs parts are:

  1. Quick Access tool-bar - Provides links to common actions like page refresh, home navigation, back\forward navigation
  2. The main tabs - Represent module of the program, each with its functionality
  3. Tab Buttons - Are the actual section of the program to which you can jump

Records tab

This is the tab with the most used actions. Here you can do the following:

Office tab

This tab contains office features similar to Microsoft Outlook: Contacts, Tasks, Notes

Billing tab

Here you can manage your income from the patients:

Purchases tab

Here you can manage your purchases:

Company tab

In this tab you can:

Reports tab

Enables you to view, export and print reports

Tools tab

Administration tab

This is typically available for the administrators of the program:

Help tab

Your version of the program may not have all the tabs above or all the features in this page